A/Prof Eliza Hawkes

Clinician Scientist, Tumour Targeting Laboratory
Medical Oncologist
Lymphoma Lead, Austin Health

I want to improve the lives of patients with lymphoma, not only by contributing to the global research efforts to improve disease-related outcomes, but also by reducing the exposure to toxicity from current treatments through tailored medical treatment and better survivorship care post-treatment.

My areas of medical responsibility are lymphoma, haematology survivorship care and gastrointestinal cancers. I am the Lymphoma Lead at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research and Wellness Centre at Austin Health. I also work at Monash University in the Transfusion Research Unit where I am clinical lymphoma lead for the national Lymphoma and Related Diseases Registry (LaRDR).

My research interests involve the use of immunotherapy drugs and other novel therapies in the treatment of lymphoma. My research program focuses on novel ways of combining these drugs with standard lymphoma treatments, as well as gaining better insight into how these new drugs work by using blood, tissue and imaging markers to predict which patients are likely to benefit from them. These insights come from a large portfolio of clinical trials I have designed myself and in collaboration with experts around Australia and the world.