Prof John Mariadason

Co-Head, Cancer Biology and Therapy Program
Head, Oncogenic Transcription Laboratory

The ongoing objective of my work is to identify new and more effective treatments for patients affected by cancers of the colon, stomach and biliary tract.

I moved to New York to do my postdoctoral training at the Montefiore Medical Center – Albert Einstein College of Medicine where I investigated the role of Wnt signaling in colon cancer progression and the use of gene expression profiling for predicting response of colon cancer cells to chemotherapy.

I established my independent laboratory at Albert Einstein in 2001 as Assistant Professor of Medicine and was appointed Associate Professor of Medicine in 2008. I returned home to Melbourne in 2008, joining the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research as Head of the Oncogenic Transcription Laboratory.

My research continues to be focused on the identification of new treatments for colon cancer, gastric cancer and cancers of biliary tract.