Prof Jonathan Cebon

Head, Cancer Immunobiology Program

As a physician-scientist, every day I have the opportunity to leverage the partnership between scientific research and care to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

My experience spans two decades of translating novel immunotherapies into clinical application for the treatment of melanoma. I have successfully integrated laboratory and clinical teams to better understand immune responses to cancer and develop breakthrough therapies based on this knowledge. More recently, we have learned that it is critical to understand the biology of cancer plasticity to identify the mechanisms that allow tumours to resist or escape immune control. My research brings these elements together with the intention of achieving greater clinical benefit. Across 20 years, I have published more than 150 clinical and translational publications with a focus on the cell biology of melanoma and immunology and patented eight novel therapies. Finding the cure for cancer is dependent on the collaboration of scientific minds across generations. I am actively involved in the training and mentoring of postgraduate research students, post doctorals, Clinical Research Fellows, and Oncology Advanced Trainees.