Remembering Barbara Ann Woolcock… Our beautiful FLOWer

In honour of Barbara’s life we are raising funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

This is a cause that was important to Barbara and it feels like a small way that we can make a difference. Joining together as a force for good in her name ❤️
“Barbara Ann was a beautiful shining light and such an intricate part of our beautiful Community. She was always such a generous soul and her messages within her posts, as well as those constantly found on others, were always filled with such insight, positivity, support and gratitude. Remembering her bright spirit, knowing her energy that has weaved itself into the fabric of our special Art of Flow Community, will remain here always… what a blessing” Martine

’My Sugar Gum’

“We have been living on the same plot of earth for 50 years….. having a very colourful life supporting and caring for one another…..”
“I’m very blessed, contented and at peace within myself. For me my last painting of TREES is a picture of me and all I’ve become through being part of this community. It has exposed so much growth and acceptance of myself. Being the breath I soak in takes away everything else giving me freedom. To come back to reality that doesn’t seem so life depleting…. I’m still full of energy and life (so my eyes and skin tell me) at a slower pace.”  Barbara