We’re looking for the best people from around the world to join our team and help improve the lives of people impacted by cancer.

Our team is made up of 130 individuals who have a shared passion for creating a future where cancer is a manageable disease, while never losing sight of our mission to find a cure.

Together we undertake collaborative research and joint training of medical researchers, translating that knowledge into clinical practice to build a healthier future for people with cancer.

Why study with us?

You can work with renowned scientists to discover and develop breakthrough treatments to help people live better with cancer and ultimately defeat it.

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute is proudly the La Trobe University School of Cancer Medicine. As a student you will have access to a wide range of resources, services and academic programs. We also provide opportunitiess for students from other universities to do post graduate studies.

Every year we offer students from around the world the opportunity to join our research programs and make a difference in patients’ lives.

You will study with renowned scientists with excellent publication records who are committed to helping you build a successful career in translational research.

The Institute is embedded within the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre with laboratories located directly across from hospital wards. We are one of the only places in Australia where researchers and clinicians work side by side every day.

Your research will take place within an environment where scientific discovery is translated into clinical trial and we are currently working on more than 100 clinical trials.

All PhD students are co-supervised by a laboratory scientist and a practicing clinician to provide them with an unprecedented perspective of translational research.

Our training program commences with students shadowing a clinician across a week and attending multidisciplinary team meetings to gain insight into the working practices of a comprehensive cancer centre.

PhD students are able to apply for merit-based PhD Scholarship top-ups. They also have the opportunity to attend an annual international conference. Our quarterly seminar series will help you discover and plan for career opportunities, while our social committee welcomes student involvement.

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Why join our team

With some of the best cancer scientists from around the world, we will improve the lives of more patients.

Make an impact

The Institute is embedded within the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, with laboratories located directly across from hospital wards. This means that you will see the impact your research can make every day.

Work with a great team

Our translational research approach means that every day you'll be able to work alongside clinicians, collaborating in the laboratory and at the bedside, to develop breakthrough therapies to help people feel better, sooner. We have six research programs and are currently on the search for more brilliant scientists to join our team.

Study Opportunities

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute offers postgraduate opportunities as the School of Cancer Medicine at La Trobe University.  We have a range of projects available and scholarships may be available to students who meet the required criteria. At present (September 2021) the current projects are only open to domestic applicants and those international applicants that currently reside in Australia.

Potential students should also review the information available at https://www.latrobe.edu.au/study/apply/research/doctor. Enquiries regarding the projects below should be directed in the first instance to students@onjcri.org.au.

Career Opportunities

There are no job opportunities at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities