Role of the ELF3 transcription factor in gastrointestinal cancer


Supervisor: Prof John Mariadason

Laboratory: Oncogenic Transcription


The ELF3 transcription factor is mutated or epigenetically silenced in a number of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers including cancers of the colon, biliary tract, and stomach.  Whether ELF3 loss directly contributes to the development of these cancers, and the mechanisms by which this may be achieved are not known. A PhD project is available to directly determine the role of ELF3 in the progression of GI cancers utilizing cell line models, patient samples, and genetically modified mice where Elf3 can be inactivated in different parts of the GI tract. By elucidating the mechanisms by which ELF3 loss contributes to the progression of GI cancers, these studies can unveil new paradigms for treating cancers driven by ELF3 loss.


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