Targeting cell surface receptor signaling in the tumour microenvironment.


Supervisor: A/Prof. Peter Janes

Laboratory: Receptor Biology Laboratory

Cancer development and spread depends on interactions of tumour cells with surrounding normal cells, which stimulate growth, new blood vessel formation, and evasion of anti-tumour immune responses. We study the role of cell surface proteins, including receptor tyrosine kinases and metalloproteases, which mediate intercellular signalling in tumours and the surrounding microenvironment (TME). To facilitate this we modulate the expression or function of these proteins, either genetically, or using novel monoclonal antibodies, which we develop as new potential therapeutic agents. This project will study genetic and antibody-mediated modulation of Eph cell guidance receptors, which are elevated in tumours and the TME in a range of tumour types. The research will employ cell and animal based tumour models, and involve cutting edge microscopy, flow cytometry, proteomic and single-cell sequencing technologies.