The ONJCRI has opened its doors to student talent, aiming to inspire the next generation of clinical researchers and experience the wide-ranging benefits of the La Trobe University student industry placements program.

During a recent industry placement, Bachelor of Biomedicine student, Haroon Singh Gill, dove into the intricate world of clinical trials at ONJCRI. Under the guidance of Kylie Wilkie, Senior Manager of Clinical Operations, ONJCRI, he received comprehensive training and completed a certification in ‘Good Clinical Practice’. This equipped him with invaluable skills – making him an even greater asset to his new colleagues and aligning with his area of interest.

“My university studies, particularly in my third-year core subject MED3ATA focusing on cancer, align closely with the practical experience gained through my workplace placement at ONJCRI. Integrating knowledge acquired from both realms has been instrumental in my learning journey,” says Haroon.

Student placements offer mutual benefits to both industry and university. Haroon’s dedicated contributions improved staff resourcing within the Clinical Trial Unit, allowing it to prioritise critical areas. Simultaneously, this experience provided Haroon with invaluable mentorship and opportunities for personal development.

Kylie Wilkie (Left) and Haroon Singh Gill (Right)

“Haroon has been such an amazing help to our team. Not only has he assisted in our workload, it has (also) been a great opportunity for the team to develop their mentoring skills,” reflects Kylie.

“My team and I, in the Clinical Trial Unit at ONJCRI, love what we do. Our (role) in managing all aspects of clinical trials is so rewarding (and) we welcomed the opportunity to show science students there are roles available beyond the lab.

“Through student placements, we may inspire the next generation of potential clinical researchers,” says Kylie.

Haroon actively participated in the day-to-day operations of various clinical trials, even joining a monitoring visit at a regional site. From drafting protocols to collating data for an upcoming abstract, he experienced the dynamic nature of clinical trials up close, gaining deep insights into the multidimensional aspects of this important work.

“I have gained hands-on experience in a real-world work environment, allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, enhancing my readiness to tackle similar tasks in the future.

“Working in a tight-knit team for my placement has been a great opportunity to develop my soft skills, most importantly communication, teamwork and problem solving,” reflects Haroon.

As ONJCRI demonstrates, La Trobe student industry placements pave the way for workforce development, staff mentorship and organisational success.

La Trobe and ONJCRI have a strong partnership built on a shared vision to make a global impact on the prevention and treatment of cancer through research advancement and student training.


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Article by Pia-Therese Hams, view the original article here.