ONJCRI MoST CIRCUIT Clinical Trial Enrols 240 Rare Cancer Patients

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) announced it has successfully enrolled 240 rare cancer patients into its MoST CIRCUIT clinical trial in rare cancers. This trial is delivering immunotherapy treatment to urban, regional and rural patients with currently untreatable rare cancers. Leveraging the tele trial networks in regional Victoria and QLD, and support from major hospitals in NSW, WA, TAS, SA, VIC and Auckland, ONJCRI is delivering potentially lifesaving cancer treatments to rare cancer patients who would otherwise have no access.

Patients with rare cancers, each individually with an incidence of <2 in 100,000, represent approximately 20% of all cancer diagnoses and have very limited treatment options available. Subsequently, they have a lower overall survival compared to patients with more common malignancies, contribute to 50% of the global cancer death rate, and represent a significant unmet medical need.

Almost a third of Australians live in rural, regional and remote areas, and are frequently unable to access clinical trials.  The limited availability of clinical trials in regional areas often means patients must travel huge distances to access treatment including interstate.

Dr Oliver Klein, an immunologist and lead clinician for the trial reiterated:

 “Rare cancers are difficult to study and treat due to their infrequent nature. Combination immunotherapy can be incredibly effective in patients with rare cancers, and being able to identify factors, such as the microbiome, that are predictive of an effective response will be invaluable in making this treatment available to more patients.”

Through the support of the Minderoo foundation, Bristol Myers-Squibb and OMICO, this study has enabled patients with rare neuroendocrine, biliary tract, gynaecological and mismatch repair protein deficient (MSI-H) cancers to access immunotherapy and contribute to national data initiatives that evaluate and improve rare-cancer patient outcomes.