Associate Professor Eliza Hawkes Appointed as Chief Clinical Research Officer at ONJCRI

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute is delighted to announce that Associate Professor Eliza Hawkes has been appointed as the new Chief Clinical Research Officer (CCRO).

A/Prof. Hawkes, a medical oncologist, is a highly respected, known for her innovative work and leadership in lymphoma research. Her appointment marks a new chapter in the Institute’s efforts to push the boundaries of cancer research and treatment.

A/Prof. Hawkes is renowned for her significant contributions to the field of oncology, particularly in lymphoma research. Her work has been instrumental in advancing the use of immunotherapy and novel therapeutic approaches for lymphoma patients. Her leadership in clinical trials has positioned her as a key figure in oncology research, making her appointment as CCRO a natural progression in her career.

In her new role as CCRO, A/Prof. Hawkes will be responsible for aligning ONJCRI’s clinical research initiatives with its overarching goals of enhancing patient outcomes and advancing cancer research. Reporting directly to the CEO and serving as an integral member of the Executive Committee, she will provide strategic oversight, leadership, and advocacy in clinical research endeavours.

A/Prof. Hawkes’ appointment comes at a time when ONJCRI is poised to make significant strides in cancer research and patient care. Her vision and leadership will be instrumental in driving forward the Institute’s mission to transform cancer care through innovative research and collaboration.

We congratulate A/Prof. Hawkes on her appointment and look forward to the profound impact she will undoubtedly have in her new role. Her commitment to excellence, patient-centred research, and strategic vision will be invaluable as ONJCRI continues to lead the way in cancer research and treatment.