Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The ONJCRI Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a shared resource laboratory which provides state-of-the-art analytical cytometry and high speed cell sorting services to the research community of our Institute, affiliates, and external users. Our goal is to provide high quality service to researchers and proactively introduce flow cytometric methods into new research areas. An important part of our mission is to teach this technology to students, staff, and investigators.

Cell sorter is operated by facility staff from 10:00am-5:30pm Wednesday to Friday. Extended sorting hours are available upon request. Self-service sorting is also available for trained researchers. Analysers available 24 hours / 7 days a week for self-service use (for suitably trained users only.)

Services and Instrumentation

Our Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides:

  • Operator assisted Cell Sorting
  • Independent acquisition and analysis (users must go through the training process first)
  • Operator assisted acquisition and analysis
  • Consultation and assistance with experimental design and data analysis

Currently we house four instruments:

  1. BD FACSARIA III is a 4 laser, 12 detector cell sorter capable of measuring 10 colours simultaneously plus cell size and complexity parameter. The lasers in this instrument are 488nm (Blue), 633nm (Red), 561nm (Yellow-Green) and 405nm (Violet). It can sort up to 4 populations simultaneously into different size tubes, tissue culture plates, and onto individual slides. Sorting on the Aria can be performed using high-pressure (70 µm), intermediate-pressure (85 µm), or low-pressure (100 µm) nozzle. Instrument operates on a PC-based platform using FACSDiva (version 8) software.
  2. 2x BD FACSCanto II is three lasers, 10 detector analysis flow cytometer, capable of measuring 8 colors simultaneously plus cell size and complexity parameter. The lasers in this instrument are 488nm (Blue), 633nm (Red) and 405nm (Violet). It also features a High Throughput Sampler (96 well Plate Loader). These instruments operate on a PC-based platform using FACSDiva (version 8) software.
  3. AutoMACS Pro Separatoris a benchtop instrument for high-speed magnetic cell sorting of multiple samples. Employing MACS® Technology, it is designed for cell isolation in a fully automated, walk-away fashion. It can be used as a pre-sorter for speeding up flow sorting.
  4. Data Analysis Software – FlowJo– is a comprehensive analysis package specifically designed for handling list mode data generated by cytometers. ONJCRI provides several Flow Jo dongles, which are available to Institute members at no cost. Users can download the latest FlowJo version for Windows or Mac by contacting Institute’s IT Department.


If you would like to discuss opportunities to use our platform technologies and services, please contact:

Mark Frewin
Laboratory and Facilities Manager
P +61 3 9496 5299
M +61 434 242 518