Mammalian Protein Expression Facility

This unique facility is located in a dedicated suite of cleanrooms and can produce small to large amounts of high quality recombinant proteins and antibodies for use in medical research.

Cell Line Development
Transient expression, stable expression, and isolation/enrichment of high producing clones can be performed.

Production Systems
A range of production systems are available depending on the scale of production required. Perfusion systems are able to produce material every two days ranging from tens of milligrams to several hundreds of milligrams per harvest. A proprietary biphasic approach to production is used during protein production in stirred tank bioreactors. Yields up to 4g/L of mAb in a GS CHO cell line can be achieved.

Purification and Product Characterisation
Production material is purified using a variety of chromatography techniques such as affinity, size exclusion and ion exchange. Operating procedures are in place to allow for flexibility to process materials ranging from milligrams to several grams of material.

Quality assessments are conducted through a combination of SDS-PAGE, size exclusion chromatography using HPLC, and binding kinetics using BIAcore.


If you would like to discuss opportunities to use our platform technologies and services, please contact:

Mark Frewin
Laboratory and Facilities Manager
P +61 3 9496 5299
M +61 434 242 518