Bioinformatician, Group Leader

Full time and Fixed Term

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) is an independent medical research institute located in Heidelberg. Our mission is to discover and develop breakthrough therapies to help people live better with cancer and defeat it. Our research laboratories sit alongside patient treatment facilitiesto optimise collaboration between researchers and clinicians. The integration of laboratory and clinic ensures the rapid translation of scientific discoveries into clinical trials for the development of new cancer treatments. We investigate and develop treatments for cancers of the breast, bowel, lung, melanoma, prostate, liver, gastrointestinal and brain. The ONJCRI is a global leader in the development of immunotherapies, targeted therapeutics and personalised cancer medicine and sponsors early phase clinical trials.

Recently the Institute has grown into 5 different cancer research programs, developed a patient biobank, a genomic and single cell sequencing platform. The Institute has a growing need to have access to in-house bioinformatics capabilities for the efficient and meaningful analysis of large data sets created in house and or available from public databases. As part of the development of a bioinformatics program at ONJCRI, these preclinical and clinical data generated in the precinct represent a unique resource for further exploration. Accordingly, this position is outside of the confines of a particular laboratory, although de novo research activities undertaken in this position may occur via an equitable and collaborative arrangement between the laboratories.